Beyond owning the domain and building a WordPress site, you need a website hosting service provider. These hosting services house the data of your website. It’s critical not just to select any old website hosting service. This is because the website host plays an important role in a website’s page loading time, a website’s overall loading speed and performance, in addition to the overall security and potential downtime of a website. It’s also best if you have a WordPress website to use a Managed WordPress hosting provider. Our platform is actually designed, built and structured for WordPress, so your website will perform better than ever on our WordPress-Specific platform!

Simplemachine offers a number of different hosting options, all SSL Certified and with 99.99% up-time. Should you have any questions about which hosting option is right for you, give the team a call today.


Hosting/Maintenance/Essential Care Package
Extremely fast, secure and reliable hosting + WordPress core and essential plugin updates, keeping your website up-to-date, functioning and secure.

SSL Certificate
Powered by a technology known as SSL – Secure Socket Layer. To have the “s” placed at the end of your “http”, you need an SSL Certificate. In general, the “s” at the end of the “https:” informs web users and search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, that your website is safe for browsing, shopping, etc.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Dynamically calculates which server is located nearest to the requesting client and delivers content based on those calculations. This eliminates the distance that content travels, resulting in optimized bandwidth, faster performance & improved overall user experience (UX). In the event of an Internet attack or malfunction at a junction of the Internet, content that’s hosted on a CDN server will remain available to at least some users.

Managing Your Website
Hosting Plan Option 1 is $75 a month and provides you with a 99.99% uptime. It’s SSL certified, offers top notch customer service and daily website backups, so should you ever run into performance issues you can instantly resort to the desired backup.

Hosting Plan Option 2 runs $99 a month and offers you the same services as the previous option, plus security updates and maintenance assistance.

Hosting Plan Option 3 runs at $125 a month and provides the same services as Option 2. However, this feature also provides you with monthly SEO auditing and monthly page speed audits. This way, you can identify ways to improve performance, boost load speed and climb up search engine rankings. All of this comes packaged in hosting option
plan 3.

While not often considered, you should go with a professional website hosting service provider such as OmniWebLinks

WordPress Benefits
When constructing your company website, you have a number of build options available to you. From drop-and-drag platforms to build from scratch methods, there is limitless potential while designing the site. However, one of the best options to consider is WordPress. WordPress provides you with more build and design features than any other method out there. However, you’ll also need to take advantage of a website hosting service. SimpleMachine not only provides you assistance with building the site from the ground up, but it offers state of the art WordPress website design as well. 

More websites on the Internet today use WordPress as a building model than any other method out there. This doesn’t mean your website will look the same as other current sites. With limitless design potential, you can build the site from the ground up to meet your professional liking.

There are a number of plug-in features as well. This way, you can build anything from a blog, a sales page, podcast RSS feed or anything else in which you may have an interest. By building your own site, without going through an outside drag-and-drop service, you’ll cut down on processing and service fees, which these websites charge on every sale. So, by taking advantage of WordPress as your website build platform, you’ll have a tailor constructed site designed for your company needs.

Have Peace of Mind, Use a Professional Service Provider
Whether you’re looking for a basic website to host a company blog and educate your customers to sales pages, how-to articles and everything else in between, you need a professional service provider there by your side. At Simplemachine, that’s exactly what you receive. From website hosting and WordPress site design to content marketing and search engine optimization, you’ll receive everything you need to build a vibrant, traffic generating site. So, if you’re ready to begin to build your new site or simply have questions about services offered, now is the time to reach out and contact us.

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